Lab News

Summer 2016:

Josh Zajdel joins the lab as a technician and will start his MS this fall on alligator genetics and mating system ecology.

Wes and Cara mentor three NSF REU students: Nia Peak, Sheldon Davis and Deonte Burston. Here Wes demonstrates how to inject toads with hormones to induce egg laying.

IMG 1071

Stacey goes to Kruger National Park for the IUCN Crocodilian Specialist Group Meeting. Caught up with other Southeastern US gator folk.

20160522 183129

March 2016: Thomas Rainwater holds an alligator symposium at Baruch Institute. Stacey presents on her Yawkey gator work. Lots of great speakers…all shown here.

Speakers 6

February 2016: MEGAN WINZELER PASSES HER MS DEFENSE JUST WEEKS BEFORE MOVING TO AWESOME DISEASE ECOLOGY POSITION WITH USGS IN WI. WE’LL MISS HER (especially Zeke who Megan took care of many many times, he had to sleep it off).

IMG 1144

September 2015: Imogene Davis joins the lab as a research technician! She has a great background in landscape genetics and is a welcomeaddition to the lab….even if in this picture it looks like she has no idea where she is:)

Davis Gator1

July, 2015: CAITLIN PASSES HER THESIS DEFENSE WITH FLYING COLORS!!!! And the lab celebrated afterwards at Creature Comforts.

IMG 0395

April to June: Stacey is really slacking on updating the webpage

March, 2015: Scott accepts a tenure-track job at Queen's University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey submits her SERDP proposal and crosses fingers. Jason's MS thesis research hits the press! Wes' Gastrophryne paper hits the press!

February, 2015: Caitlin is awarded second place for best MS research presentation at the Odum GSS!! Way to go Caitlin.

January, 2015: Megan and Caitlin both present at the Odum School of Ecology graduate student symposium. Austin attends as a prospective student. Most of the lab goes up and enjoys a night out:

Oct-Nov, 2014: Belarus is a huge success (after miserable time dealing with customs) and all of our GPS collars are deployed on wolves!! Plus we have enough carnivore scat to keep us busy for a long time.

Sep 30, 2014:Cara and Stacey plus Jim Beasley, Mike Byrne and Sarah Webster are heading to Belarus to study wolves in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone!!!! Two years of planning comes to fruition. It's gonna be great!!

Sep 15, 2014:Jason heads back to Costa Rica for the final sampling trip of his Ph.D!! Collect well!

Aug 24, 2014: Stacey goes to Chicago to co-chair a session at the 8th International Conference on Isotopes.

July 30, 2014: Jason, Kimberly, Scott, Megan, and Stacey all head tothe Ichs and Herps meeting in Chattanooga.


July 7-11, 2014: Cara and a few other SRELians go to Athens for an intensive course in Quantitative Ecotoxicology.


June 20, 2014: Cara is off to Evolution 2014 in Raleigh!

June 20-July 5, 2014: Stacey got to be a student again! Went to MEGA2014, held at Mote Tropical Research lab and taught by Misha Matz of UT-Austin and his awesome students Sarah Davies and Rachel Wright. Amazing workshops--first one using Misha's 2bRAD-seq wet and dry lab protocols and second on his RNA-seq protocols. Great time, great people. Highly recommend these to folks since they will be taught again next year.


May 13-22, 2014: Stacey and Jim Beasley teach their Maymester class. Great group of students. This year we trapped coyotes, raccoons, opossums, hogs and vultures in the field and learned genetic methods for gender ID, species ID, relatedness/paternity, and disease diagnostics in the lab…all this in 10 days!


May 7, 2014: Jason's back to Costa Rica for another sampling trip.

May, 2014: Caitlin, Cara, and Megan come back to SREL after a year of classes in Athens. Welcome back folks!

March, 2014: Katy Worsley-Tonks from Vanessa Ezenwa's lab on campus comes to SREL to develop genetic markers for Grant's gazelle. She'll be back in the summer to screen all of her samples.

February 26, 2014: Megan and Jason take off for ScienceOnline 2014 conference in Raleigh. Expect lots of tweets from them.

February 17, 2014: Scott Weir and Ying Yu join the Lance Lab from Texas Tech. Very exciting!!

February 11, 2014: Crazy ice storm hits SC and does tremendous damage to the SRS. Great winter for amphibians based on water levels but now almost no field sites are accessible!

February 8, 2014: Stacey finally gets to go to Costa Rica to see what Jason does there and to meet with folks at the University of Costa Rica, PRETOMA, and the Reserva Playa Tortuga. Great trip but LOTS of fish guts…had to get used to that. We ended up with hundreds of samples from the markets plus about 40 sharks that were brought in by the fishermen in Playa Tortuga.

February 5, 2014: Stacey learns her promotion from Assistant to Associate has gone through!!!

January 2014: Wes has finished his classwork on the main campus of UGA and has moved back to SREL. Three undergraduates from Georgia Regents University have joined the lab--welcome to Austin Coleman, Sierra Mannix, and CJ Best.

January 3, 2014: SICB time! Most of the lab is in Austin for SICB. Megan and Caitlin presented posters and Cara and Wes gave talks. Way to go team.

December 11, 2013: Jason is off to Costa Rica to teach his Natural History and Conservation of Costa Rica class. Have fun and take lots of photos.

November 17, 2013: SREL heads to SETAC in Nashville! Wes and Stacey from the Lance lab plus Larry Bryan, Gary Mills, Dean Flethcher, Angela Lindell, Becca Phillips and Lauren Cameron. Good times had by all.

November 13, 2013: Wes Flynn, Caitlin Rumrill, Cara Love, and Megan Winzeler all get student travel awards from SICB for the upcoming meeting. See you all in Austin!

November 11, 2013: Scott Weir (TIEHH) accepts Stacey's offer for a postdoctoral position. Great news! Scott will join the lab in February.

November 8, 2013: Caitlin Rumrill and Cara Love are both awarded travel grants by the Odum School of Ecology to help offset their upcoming trip to SICB!

November 8, 2013: Wes, Cara, Megan and Caitlin all submit applications to the NSF GRFP program. Way to go! And the Odum School of Ecology awards all of them with some travel money in return for submitting the proposal--good deal.

October 10, 2013: Jason just got word his Rufford Grant was awarded!!! Covers 4 sampling trips to Costa Rica and some of the genetic analyses. Way to go Jason!!!!!

October 2013: Our new webpage is launched! Thanks to Jason for all his hard work.

September 2013: Stacey gives a seminar at the University of Regina and visits with collaborators Chris Somers and Jon Mee. To her surprise she is expected to play street hockey 10 minutes after her seminar. When in Canada….


August 2013: Cara, Caitlin, Wes, and Megan all move to Athens for coursework and they all submit abstracts for SICB. See you in Austin in January!

July 2013:Megan presents at the ranavirus symposium, Stacey presents at the Wildlife Disease Association meeting and Wes, Cara, and Stacey attend the Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics Gordon Research Conference in Biddeford, Maine. Fantastic meeting. Russell Malmberg was also there from UGA.


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